There are three main elements to the 5&M Club. Many of our clients but not all will want help settling in after they have relocated to Switzerland. For an initial fee or a by the hour consultation service we can assist with:

  • Establishing all aspects of your suppliers and services in Switzerland. Where to find language teachers, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, the right suppliers, shops and so on. If you are a club member we will arrange  occasional lunches and forums for you to meet  other members and be kept up to date with new services or what is on offer locally.
  • If you only use your house part time we can manage the property for you providing cleaners and gardeners and dealing with all administration. We can even have the fridge filled with your favourite foods on arrival.
  • Even if you live here full time and just require administrative back up we can take over managing your post residency issues, all bills and communal liaison and all aspects of maintaining insurance, cars and compliance issue, in fact all aspect of your life in Switzerland.

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